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Business Outsourcing

"In the growing digital" space, it is essential for every business to have a proactive customer service support and digital sales strategy

Why choose to outsource?

Having an in-house customer service and contact center is very costly. Maintaining dedicated facilities, conducting professional trainings, and dealing with administrative hassle requires a large team and specialized skillsets.

Save Extra Cost

We Manage Professional

Focus Goals Business

Our Solution

Administrative back office

  • Data Entry
  • Analysis
  • Compilation of information

Emergency Response

Trained and skilled responders for speed and accuracy

Telemarketing & Tele sales

Lead generation and solutions to increase your market reach

Fault Reporting/ Technical Support

Provide complaint handling, coordination, escalation, and troubleshooting

Customer Service

Handle any inbound requests and issues with standardized tone and professional SOP (standard procedure) to drive great customer satisfaction and loyalty

Why Jasnita

Why Jasnita?

We help reduce operational, infrastructure, and maintenance cost for a contact center

Very experienced and professional team to maximize results

Jasnita have proprietary and in-house development team to customize our technology to suit your needs


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