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PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk Performance Overview, Year 2023

PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk Performance Overview, Year 2023

2023 Performance Update

Revenue of PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk. (Company) in 2023 is projected to reach IDR 140 billion or up 10% from year 2022. This projection is supported by revenue from the tender procurement sector reaching IDR 46.6 billion, up 100% compared to 2022 of IDR 21.8 billion: several tenders, such as Contact Center Services 165 BPJS Health, BPJS Employment, DJKI, Indonesian Ombusdman, Central Statistics Agency, Grab, Indonesian Transaction Partners, KCIC, United Tractors, Bank Mandiri Card and Election Implementation Honorary Council Call Center services. This projection is targeted to have an impact on positive financial reports and profits on the Company's performance in 2023.


Apart from that, in terms of 112 services, as the largest 112 service provider in Indonesia, until December 2023, the Company has provided services to 84 regencies/cities in Indonesia. Income from providing 112 services contributes 15% of Jasnita's total income. The Company assists the Government's role, in this case the Republic of Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Information, in speeding up emergency response, so that every Regency/City is required to have a Single Number Emergency Call Service 112 as stated in the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation Number 10 of 2016.


The company had the opportunity to take part in the IoT Business Accelerator Road Show because it succeeded in reaching 6th position out of 8 companies that won the IoT Bizlator competition held by the Government (Kominfo). This events started in Serang City on October 18 2023 and continues in 11 regencies/cities in Indonesia until 2024. On December 12 2023, the Company was also one of the recipients of an award from the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information in the field of Post and Informatics Operations (Ditjen PPI Kominfo RI) in 2023 in the Category of Most Active Telecommunications Provider in Supporting IoT Ecosystem Market Growth, along with 5 other IoT providers. This proves that JAST is trusted by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information to be a pioneer in the use of IoT in Indonesia.


The Company also continues to carry out expansion to support market development, through CCX PTE LTD (or previously PH1 Innovax PTE LTD), one of its subsidiaries to increase the market in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Projections up to Q4 CCX PTE LTD are estimated at 48 billion, up 5% from 2022. At the end of 2023, CCX PTE LTD will expand into the Indonesian market by focusing on telemarketing.





Outlook/Prospects for 2024

With prospects for 2024, the Company remains optimistic about the faster growth of IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, and the shift towards more integrated digital services. Also, regulations and government policies encourage the acceleration of 112 emergency call services. The Company will improve service quality and meet stakeholder needs in order to accelerate economic growth in Indonesia.

The Company targets consolidated revenue growth of 15%, with several strategic plans, including:

      Emergency Services 112: Target increase in 20 new districts/cities for emergency services.

      Contact Center: Project value target reaches 80 billion, with a focus on improving service quality and diversifying contact services.

      Jascloud & Omnichannel: Targeted increase in new clients of more than 15 clients per day, with increased revenue through up-selling and cross-selling strategies.

      Development and Marketing of AI & Smart City: Completed the development of AI technology and Smart City solutions and marketing of these products with a project value of 50 billion, with a focus on market expansion in Southeast Asia and in collaboration with axxonsoft and Dell. Target expansion into the Southeast Asian market through collaboration with CCX Pte Ltd in Malaysia and Singapore, with a larger project value.

      Development and Marketing of CCTV Surveillance as a Service & Video Management Service: Smart City focuses on CCTV Surveillance as a Service and AI-based Video Management System by collaborating with PT Jast Indonesia Aman, JAST Entity, a security company that has a Security Activity License. In this service, a company no longer needs to invest in CCTV because it has been provided by the Company.

      Continues to actively participate in the IOT Bizlator roadshow organized by Kominfo RI, to create collaboration with the Government in IoT solutions.


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