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PT Jasnita Telekomindo, Tbk Joins in RI Kominfo 2023 IoT Bizlator Conference

PT Jasnita Telekomindo, Tbk Joins in RI Kominfo 2023 IoT Bizlator Conference

Jakarta, 19 October 2023 – PT Jasnita Telekomindo, Tbk joined the Bizlator 2023 IoT Conference roadshow which took place at the Aston Hotel & Convention Center, Serang, Banten. IoT Business Accelator (IOT Bizlator) is a medium for meeting IoT users and IoT providers in Indonesia, which is a government initiative and innovation, in this case the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information, to connect IoT users and IoT providers in Indonesia. In this event, IoT users can find several IoT products such as Smart Lighting, Panic Button, Smart Manufacturing, IoT Connectivity, Early Warning System, Access Point Gateway, Smart Water Meter and others.

All of these IoT products are certified products in the context of realizing Smart City in the fields of: Smart Government, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Financial and Smart Agriculture. On this occasion, PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk. (“JAST”) together with several other IoT provider companies, showcased several JAST services and products such as 112 Emergency Call Service, Smart Lighting, Jascloud and others. JAST has experience serving the 112 Emergency Call Service which has been used by dozens of Regional Governments in Indonesia. Apart from that, Jascloud's distribution has reached thousands of clients in Indonesia, from various industry lines such as Health Industry, Banking & Financial Industry, Logistics and others.

This event, which is under the responsibility of the Directorate of Telecommunications, Directorate General of PPI, Kominfo RI, is expected to be able to provide IoT solutions in the future, so that it can make it easier for industrial users and regional governments to control their communities. During this conference, PT Jasnita Telekomindo, Tbk will provide a presentation on the IoT services provided by the Company and offer the best solutions for IoT plans in Indonesia.

JAST is committed to supporting the growth of IoT technology and we are enthusiastic about providing a collaboration platform between industry stakeholders, government entities and society to drive progress together.


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