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Jasnita Has 112 Services for Effective Disaster Management

Jasnita Has 112 Services for Effective Disaster Management

On Monday 21 November 2022 at 13.21, the city of Cianjur and its surroundings was hit by an earthquake measuring 5.6 Magnitude. Victims fell as a result of the earthquake. As of Tuesday 22 November 2022, 151 victims had been recorded missing and were still in the search stage, then 1,083 victims were injured, and 268 victims died.


Until now the National Police Chief said that his party would focus on evacuating victims due to this natural disaster. This is because there are still many missing victims who have yet to be found. In addition, after being shaken by a magnitude of 5.6, the area of ​​the city of Cianjur also received aftershocks with a strength of 2.8 magnitude up to 161 aftershocks.


From the earthquake, all hospitals in the city of Cianjur experienced an explosion of patients. Therefore the National Police Chief ordered the medical and health center to send medical personnel and also deploy a special brigade to treat earthquake victims in Cianjur. The process of rescuing and evacuating earthquake victims continues to this day, through posts set up in the Cianjur area.

With 112, people can ask for help even though they are in an isolated area, because it is toll-free and can be done even if they don't have a sim card, or the provider is in trouble.


This is because several telecommunications networks and infrastructure were affected by the earthquake in Cianjur. However, because 112 can still be connected properly, help can be sent as soon as possible.


Jasnita Telekomindo as a 112 emergency call service provider has collaborated with 79 cities and districts throughout Indonesia for 112 emergency call services. The process of this emergency call is also very effective if an emergency disaster occurs in the area. Emergency Call Number 112 has also been integrated with other emergency numbers, such as 118/119 for ambulances, 115 for Basarnas, 129 for natural disaster posts, etc. Emergency reports will be received by Agent 112 and processed and forwarded for action by the relevant agencies.


As for the 112 Emergency Call Service, it is an obligation mandated by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia through Law Number 10 of 2016, that Regency/City Regional Governments are required to have emergency call 112 service facilities. It is important for 112 to be activated in various cities and districts to accelerate emergency response.



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